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Career Planning/ Career Consulting and Advising


We offer a variety of services and options in our Career Planning and Career Consulting/ Advising Services:


Career Planning/ Career Consulting & Advising


  • Discuss the indivdual's career interests, needs, aspirations, and goals. 


  • Explore career choices and options, discuss decisions, implement career and personality assessments, and build job search strategies.       


  • Implement Evidence-Based Goal Setting Strategies to set your Career Goals and build the timeline for your Career Development.


  • Work collaboratively with individuals in the Career Planning, Career Consulting and Advising process. 



Comprehensive Career Assessments


  • Evidence-Based Career Assessments and Career Planning.


  • Utilize a Comprehensive Career Planning System for Career Interests, Work Values, and Skills Confidence, along with a thorough analysis of the results.   


  • Implement Holland's Self-Directed Search (HDS) Career Assessment and Analysis.








Evidence-Based Counselling Methods and Strategies


  • Motivational Interviewing (MI) Counselling Methods to facilitate and help you build greater confidence, enhance your strengths, and find greater happiness and satisfaction in your career and workplace. ​


  • Evidence-Based Counselling Methods to enhance your motivation, self-confidence, and strengths during the Career Planning process.  


  • Stress Management Techniques are provided to help manage and reduce your stress and anxiety during the Career Seeking/ Planning process, or in your jobs and workplace.


Personality Assessments


  • Utilize Personality Assessments that will provide you with a detailed report of your Temperament Type to match your career interests and goals.










Additional Career Planning Services


  • Prepare for Continuing Education in one-to-one sessions when necessary.


  • Resume and cover letter reviews.


  • Internships search and/or job search strategies.


















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